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Internationale Camera Aktiengesellschaft

"International Camera A.G." was formed on the 7th of October 1909 by four camera makers: Hüttig, Wünsche, Krügener and Carl Zeiss Palmos. Three years later, Zulauf was added.

In 1926, ICA merged with Contessa-Nettel, Ernemann and Goerz to form Zeiss Ikon. Some cameras kept the ICA logo after 1926.

Production was marked with a letter preceding the serial number, from the "A" until the "K". Then, Zeiss Ikon used the system from the letter "L" until 1972. The last camera of my database, a Nixe 555 with serial number K99xxx, keeps the name "Ica" on the body but it was already marketed with the name "Zeiss Ikon" on the front.

Original ICA factory data about production figures and serial numbers is not available. The information showed below is based on serial numbers and years of production of Carl Zeiss Jena lenses and Deckel Compur / Compound shutters. The book "Carl Zeiss Kamera-Register 1902-2012" has been also used to know years of production of the Ica camera models.

Before to be mounted on a camera, lenses and shutters could have been stored in the factory for some time (even years). Not necessarily all of them were mounted in strictly chronological order, so, this table is merely approximate.

According to a sample over 200 cameras, this is the estimation:

letter estimate year of production
some early production
without serial number
A 1910-1912
B 1912-1913
C 1913-1914
D 1914-1916
E 1916-1920
F 1920-1921
G 1921-1922
H 1921-1922
J 1922-1924
K 1924-1926

In 1910, Ica claimed to produce 90,000 cameras by year:

Die Gesamtanlage der „ICA"- Aktiengesellschaft umfaßt einen Flachenraum von 12000 qm und besteht aus vier großen Fabrikgebauden, sowie fünf Beamten- und Arbeiterwohnhaüsern und bildet das großte Camerawerk weit über die Grenzen Deutschlands hinaus. Mit einem Stabe von ca. 1000 Arbeitern und Angestellten umgeben, vermag die Firma jährlich ca. 90000 Apparate in die Welt zu senden, wobei zu beachten ist, daß heutzutage vorzugsweise nicht mehr einfache, billige Apparate, sondern meist gut ausgestattete Cameras verlangt und geliefert werden. Die Firma, als größte der Branche, gilt auch hinsichtlich der werkfähig fortschreitenden Entwickelung der Camera-Technik als die erste und bedeutendste.

But serial numbers starting with the letter "A" have been found in cameras from 1911/1912. Maybe the affirmation was not fully true, anyway, some early cameras have been found without serial number, so, it is reasonable to think that the numeration system started later, or that it was not applied to all models from the beginning.

According to the Ica catalogues, there was models only produced in 1909-1910. Some of them are:

Corrida Nr. 151, Favorit Nr. 260, Ikarus Nr. 251, Lloyd Nr. 530, Minimum Ideal Nr. 201, Ica Minimum Ideal Nr. 240-241, Nixe Nr. 557-590, Reicka Nr. 300-360, Teddy Nr. 130- 140B-170, Toska Nr. 160-181, Trix Nr. 220, Tropica Nr. 280, Volta Nr. 120-290D-350D

If you are the owner of any of these cameras, please let me know its serial numbers. Information about serial numbers from all other ICA cameras with Carl Zeiss Jena lenses and Compur/Compond shutters will be also welcome.


My next project will be to collect information and serial numbers from Hüttig, Wünsche and Krügener: I will appreciate if any of you want to share original catalogues from these companies


ICA models:

Ica Alpha
Ica Atom
Ica Aviso
Ica Bebe
Ica Corrida
Ica Cupido
Ica Delta
Ica Dreiverschluss Reicka
Ica Dreiverschluss Stereo Panorama
Ica Elegant
Ica Famulus
Ica Favorit
Ica Halloh
Ica Hekla
Ica Hochtourist
(Ica Alpiniste)
Ica Icarette
Ica Ideal
Ica Ikar
(Ica Icar)
Ica Ikarus
Ica Ingo
Ica Jul
Ica Juwel
(Ica Bijou)
Ica Klapp Palmos
Ica Klapp Stereo Palmos
Ica Klappreflex Künstler
(Ica Klapp Reflex Artiste)
Ica Kosmopolit
(Ica Cosmopolite)
Ica Lloyd
Ica Lloyd Cupido
Ica Lloyd Panorama
Ica Lloyd Halloh
Ica Lola
Ica Maximar
Ica Mikro
(Ica Micro)
Ica Minimal
Ica Minimum Ideal
Ica Minimum Palmos
Ica Minimum Palmos Panorama
Ica Nelson
Ica Niklas
Ica Nixe
Ica Onix
Ica Palmos
Ica Perfekt
(Ica Parfait)
Ica Photometer
Ica Polyscop
(Ica Polyscope)
Ica Raupp
Ica Reckord Palmos
Ica Reicka
Ica Rekord
(Ica Record)
Ica Sirene
Ica Spiegelreflex Künstler
(Ica Reflex Artiste)
Ica Spiegelreflex Tudor
(Ica Reflex Tudor)
Ica Stativcamera
Ica Stereo Cupido
Ica Stereo Ideal
Ica Stereo Klapp Palmos
Ica Stereo Lloyd
Ica Stereo Minimum Palmos
Ica Stereo Palmos
Ica Stereo Panorama
Ica Stereo Panorama Lloyd
Ica Stereo Panorama Rekord
(Ica Stereo Panorama Record)
Ica Stereo-Plaskop
(Ica Stereo-Plascop)
Ica Stereo Reicka
Ica Stereo Toska
Ica Stereo Triplex
Ica Stereo Volta
Ica Stereofix
Ica Stereolette
Ica Stereolette Cupido
Ica Teddy
Ica Toska
Ica Trilby
Ica Triple Reika
Ica Triplex
Ica Trix
Ica Trona
Ica Tropica
Ica Universal Juwel
(Ica Universal Bijou)
Ica Universal Palmos
Ica Universal Stereo Palmos
Ica Victrix
Ica Volta

lenses on ICA cameras:
lenses with "Ica" name were manufactured by Optische Anstalt Saalfeld

Ica Achromat
Ica Baldour (Hüttig old stock)
Ica Delta
Ica Dominar
Ica Hekla
(Ica Hecla)
Ica Helios
Ica Litonar
Ica Lloyd
Ica Maximar
Ica Nostar
Ica Novar
Ica Orix
Ica Periscop Alpha
Ica Tele-Peconar

Busch Doppel-Anastigmat
Busch Leukar

Carl Zeiss Amatar
Carl Zeiss Doppel-Amatar
Carl Zeiss Doppel-Protar
Carl Zeiss Icar
Carl Zeiss Protar
Carl Zeiss Teleansätze
Carl Zeiss Tele-Tessar
Carl Zeiss Tessar
Carl Zeiss Triotar

Goerz Dagor
Goerz Syntor

Meyer Aristostigmat

Plaubel Doppel-Orthar
Plaubel Heli-Orthar
Plaubel Rapid-Tele-Peconar
Plaubel Satz-Ortar

Rodenstock Heligonal

Suter Anastigmat

projection lenses:

Ica Cupido
Ica Helios
Ica Hüttar
Ica Ideal
Ica Lloyd
Ica Mikro-Orikar
Ica Niklas
(Ica Niclas)
Ica Orikar
Ica Trilby


Deckel Compound
Deckel Compur
Deckel Stereo-Panorama Compound
ca Automat mod VIII
Ica Automat mod IX
Ica Automat mod X
Ica Automat mod XI
Ica Elegant
Ica Sylvester
Ica Triplex

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